Large Group Bookings


For big group booking of 35-120 pax, we offer the following packages. Note that rooms may be subject to change upon your option or depending on availability on your chosen dates.

A. Procedure for Booking:

1. Call the reception at +63-917-6502939 and discuss your options and other requirements.
2. Management shall pencil book you and send you a confirmation email.
3. A period of 3 banking days shall be given to make the deposit, this may be shorter should your chosen dates would be 15 days from the date of actual booking.
4. We require 50% deposit of the total amount due to the resort BDO account (Hotel G Beach Resort and Restobar). Balance shall be paid upon check in for more accurate billing.
5. Check in is at 2PM and check out is at 12 Noon, except the Villas where check in is at 3 PM and check out is at 1PM.
6. Rate stated is on overnight booking only, already inclusive of vat and service charges.
7. For those booking without full meals, please book and make payment online as we do not pencil-book such kind of booking. Note that DORMITORIO is available for booking only with FULL MEALS. Thank you.
8. Function Rooms and Hall for seminar and other events are available for booking by July 1, 2017 on separate rate.

B. Amenities included in the package:

1. Room accommodations
2. Towels and hygiene kit
3. Use of infinity pool (children and adult)
4. Use of the air-conditioned restaurants and gazebos for dining
5. Use of common bathrooms and shower areas
6. Free use of volleyball net, beachfront area for team building activities
7. FREE parking

C. Room Descriptions and choices:

I. Main Building

Ground Floor Room (A, B) - For 10-15 pax
• Air-Conditioned Room with 6 twin-size beds and 2 queen beds
• Own bathroom with hot and cold shower. Common toilets and shower rooms are just few steps from the room
• Room has TV, fridge, a big sofa
• Area: 80 sqm, with covered kitchen and dining area
• Kitchen has 2-burner stove, griller, basic cooking utensils and dining wares. Cooking is definitely allowed.

Second Floor Sea-View Rooms (C, D, E) - For 5-8 pax
• These are our prime rooms with full view of Patar Beach
• With huge common balcony, with tables and chairs for dining and other activities
• Each room has a king and a queen bed, own bathroom with hot and cold shower, TV, fridge, working table
• Room is 38 square meters, fully air-conditioned. Common balcony is 180 square meters wide.


Couple Rooms Aldub and Jadine - for 2-4 pax
• Room has 1 queen bed, satellite TV, refrigerator
• Fully air-conditioned. Own bathroom with hot and cold shower, mountain view

Beatles Family Room 1 - For 4-6 pax
• Room has 2 queen beds, satellite TV, refrigerator
• Fully air-conditioned. Own bathroom with hot and cold shower, Sea-view Balcony

Dormitorio - Minimum booking of 20 pax; Maximum of 28 pax
• Fully air-conditioned. With 2 bedrooms.
• Bedroom 1 has 8 queen beds and can sleep maximum of 16 pax
• Bedroom 2 has 4 queen beds and 4 twin-size beds and can sleep a maximum of 12 pax
• Common mess hall with satellite TV
• Balcony (mountain view)
• With 2 toilets and 2 shower rooms with hot and cold showers
• Common toilets and shower rooms are available in the resort premises
• No kitchen, cooking is not allowed.
• Bringing of uncooked and cooked food inside the dormitory is absolutely NOT ALLOWED. Usual crackers, bread, and other no-foul smelling food are allowed inside the room.

III. Villa Oscar, Villa Gigi - Maximum of 16 pax for each villa (adults and children)

• Each Villa is separate from Main Building and Building 2, with excellent sea-view.
• 2-story, 120 square meters area, FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED
• 3 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms with hot and cold showers
• living area with TV; dining area; kitchen with appliances, cooking wares, dining wares
• Balcony on the 2nd floor with sea-view.

D. Recommended Rooms for Number of Guests and Rates per pax

I. For 35 pax - P2,400 per pax

II. For 40 pax - P2,400 per pax

III. For 50 pax - P2,400 per pax

IV. For 60 pax - P2,300 per pax

V. For 70 pax - P2,300 per pax

VI. For 80 pax - P2,300 per pax

VII. For 90 pax - P2,300 per pax

VIII. For 100 pax - P2,200 per pax

IX. For 120 pax - P2,200 per pax

NOTE that rates are already inclusive of VAT and Service Charges No corkage on foods and drinks.

E. Other Services:

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