• Amazing place to discover

  • Enjoy the pristine sand beaches.

  • Peaceful and Relaxing...

  • View the spectacular rock formations & caves by boat.

    G Beach Resort

    Swim, snorkel or scuba dive on pristine waters of the West Philippine Sea; enjoy surfing on its friendly and naughty waves; go see the amazing riffs and rock formations; cruise or kayak on the navigable slow moving Balingasay River; exercise your feet power on jungle trekking and mountain climbing; see the awesome caves and marvel on beauty of Bolinao Falls.

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    Ground Floor Room A or B

    • Air-conditioned, with refrigerator, toilet and bathroom.
    • 2 queen size beds and 6 twin beds, good for 10 persons. Can accommodate 5 more persons on extra bedding.
    • With attached Kitchen free of use with cooking and dining wares, gas stove, griller.
    • Free use of adult and children swimming pool.
    • Free breakfast
    • With attached kitchen. Corkage applies on foods and drinks brought to the resort.

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    Second Floor Sea-view Room C, D or E

    • Air-conditioned, with refrigerator, satellite TV, toilet and bathroom, hot and cold shower
    • 1 king size bed and 1 queen size bed, good for 5 persons. Can accommodate 3 more persons on extra bedding.
    • Free use of adult and children swimming pool.
    • Free breakfast
    • The rooms have no kitchen. Corkage for foods and drinks/alcoholic drinks applies.

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    Restaurant/ G Cafe

    • Air-conditioned restaurant is open from 6 AM to 10 PM, can seat 50 pax
    • Restaurant can be converted into seminar/lecture venue for whole resort exclusive booking.
    • Coffee and mineral water are served free to all guests from restaurant dispensers from 6 AM to 10 AM

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    GREEN for a mountain backdrop. Blue – in all its hues – the bright skies, the serene sea as frontyard. In-between, the strip of golden sand – whence rise islands of black rocks shimmering under the brilliant sun. Comes sunset, an orange glow brushing streaks of pink among the clouds.

    Inspiration for a poem or a song. A time for meditation or just plain relaxation. In Bolinao, Pangasinan beckons summer’s perfect spot.


    Come. Swim. Ride the waves. Walk the beach. Explore the craggy cliffs and caves. Hike the hills. Love nature. Embrace life.

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    Other amenities:

    • Children and Adult Infinity Pool
    • Beach Volleyball
    • Basketball Court, half court
    • Beachfront for team building activities
    • Common toilets and shower rooms with the resort premises
    • G Cafe serving refreshments, alcoholic drinks and snacks
    • Videoke available from 10 AM to 10 PM only
    • Boat Ride to see the amazing reefs, rock formations, pristine beaches ideal for snorkeling, swim site, cliff diving and deep sea swimming.
    • Mountain/Forest trekking with tour guide